DAY 7 : Neighbor

Just recently, as I was blurting all my bitterness to a friend.

And she reminded me of this scene:


And it was all true. Maybe I have been looking on my neighbor’s bowl too much that I forgot to check that mine is more than full.

I have been blessed abundantly yet still I demanded more. Making me ungrateful of all these things, I already have.
Maybe I should pray more for contentment rather than blessings.

Learning to be contended, might simplify my way on living my life.


Dream Land

After a month here in Osaka, Japan… Finally i have found my ultimate Crochet store….20150921_150920
Woooot woooot…. <Insert baby dancing in Ally Mcbeal>

The store is called Hand Craft Dream ( ドリ-ム ) located near Rinku Town Station of Nankai Line.  ¥610 worth of train ride that takes about 30 to 40mins from my apartment.

Upon seeing the store sign i know this is my lucky day… (Indeed it is) The store carries not only crochet and knitting stuff. It also carries different kind of hobbies like felting and sewing too. If your into polymer clay you would also love this store.

So here is some of the crochet yarns and hooks they carry.


Other yarn brands are familiar, ayt… same with some of the one they are selling at Japanese surplus stores in the Philippines.. So if you purchase these kinds of yarns in the Japanese Surplus… You indeed save a lot of money, yarn prices here ranges from ¥150 to ¥600 yen per ball without tax.. (65 to  270 Php)


They also feature some of their works, maybe it also inspires other to do similar projects after buying.


These colors are really yummmmmM!!!!



These are the ones on their Autumn sale… Japanese stores have this kinds of sale during change of seasons.




but this hooks really made my day….
My dream crochet hooks…. Clover Soft Touch ペン-E  (Pen-E)


The other type of Clover hooks are luckily on sale too.. but I have bought a set of the replicas in the Philippines, so i prefer buying the other brown ones.


Whew…. I ended up spending ¥5000 worth of crochet supplies but still promise to go back for another crochet shopping galore experience… hahahaha…

DAY 6 : A Kiss

Hmmmn.. A kiss..
Receiving a kiss isn’t always that magical, romantic or drop dead fantastic.
Sometimes its embarassing, unexpectedly gruesome and worst it might NEVER happened in real life.
And come to think of it, i think i had all these kind of kiss.

I will not share these kisses stories, but instead I will write about kisses that i would want to receive, but sadly will never happen anymore in this lifetime.

I would really love to receive kisses from my Lolo Tito.. my Mama Clara and Papa Erning… from Sis Laura from my elementary days…

These are the kisses that would rather receive anytime if only possible.
If only i could turn back time and ask them for just one kiss and a tight hug, it would really be wonderful.
But asking this now is a bit much. They had gone past for a while now, and i think its my own fault missing them this much.
I let moments pass by, not paying attention to them that much and neglecting precious time that easily can be taken away with just a snap.

Indeed regret is all that is left now.
kiss forehead

Somewhere Only We Know – Keane

I’m getting old and I need something to rely on

I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

So why don’t we go, Somewhere only we know….


It makes me think about things…

And someone who I should be with….

To the place that only WE know…..

My First Experience

I’ve been online shopper for about 4 years. From Lazada, Zalora to local stores on facebook. I have also purchased through different group buying sites and i though it was the very convenient way to buy stuffs if your struggling 8 to 10 hours a day on your office job.

But then came…  now i’m wishing there is… #WishfulThinking

So, what do you need to know before purchasing at

Basically it is the same with any Filipino Online Shopping sites BUT the difference is the way on how to pay for the purchase and how they deliver it.

In the Philippines its either COD, Bank Deposit, Credit Card or thru 711 Store (but i don’t have any idea how it works, so i always pay thru my Credit Card) . Here in Japan, you could pay thru Credit card and thru Gift Cards purchased on convenient store.

Amazon gift cards

They have this denominations and the other kind that if its above ¥1500 you could load the card by ¥1. You can load it up until ¥50,000. After paying for the Gift Card at your nearest convenient store, then your done.


Then setting up the delivery date and time. In the Philippines, they can’t promise the exact date and time you will received your items. They just state in the checkout page the number of days or range that you can received your purchase. In I think they really value convenience. The purchaser can set up the time range that is best for him. (I find this really really convenient) Like you don’t have to wait all day and cancel further plans just to wait on your package to arrive.

I just love Japan’s Online shopping way…

Away from home….

Today marks my first month away from home…

I surely miss my Father’s delicious cooking…
My Mother’s long lectures about.., well almost about everything…
My aunts corny yet witty jokes…
Foodtripping with my cousins…
My first niece’s sweet smile…
Lola’s endless stories, endless because she starts telling it from the start every 10minutes….
Our dog’s loud barking to everyone that passes by…
Johanna’s foodie calls…
Pantry moment with new mommy Mayeth….
Videoke sessions with ytip peeps…
Ian’s UFC trivias and comments…and his warm sweet hugs….

Oh this sucks…
I miss home….


Day 5 : Inanimate Object thats important to me

wpid-20150917_225249.jpgIt would be my Crochet hooks and yarns.. I could go anywhere with it and not be bothered even if im on the most boring place ever.

Crochet really help me think things through but is a bit pricey if you turn into an addict. #Guilty

My boyfriend and I have dealt with my yarnholism before and made me a deal that he wont eat junkfoods if i would stop buying yarns. But i really cant help my self. I think i have more yarn and Crochet hooks than pair of shoes.

My current Crochet hook is the 3.75mm of Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hook Set. I have the whole set but i love 3.75mm the most.
In fact i have purchased the hook set and an individual 3.75mm from a preloved store online. (Incase i lost one, but i hope i wont.)

Im planning to buy Hamanaka and Clover Crochet hooks thru
Ill grab the opportunity of free Shipping while im here.

Day 4 : A Strange Phone Call

It is not that strange, but it definitely the most dramatic one.
My boyfriend for 5 years (during that time), have cheated on me and the call occurred during those times that we are trying to iron things out, but unfortunately (or maybe luckily) still did`t come out well.
The phone call started with no one of us talking. I think I just had enough of his explanation that i just don`t want to argue anymore, and maybe he is also tired of explaining and being sorry for what his done that not even a single Hello was spoken.
Then here comes the drama. A song from the radio on his end started playing, and it was the most painful song you will hear during a breakup. It was sung by Sarah Geronimo, it kept on playing until i heard him sobbing on the other side. I tried, i really tried not to cry, but Sarah kept on singing… singing as if she`s trying to ask this things for me….
Sino nga ba s’ya sa puso mo
At kaya mong saktan ang tulad ko
Gayong lahat-lahat ng akin
At pag-ibig ay ‘binigay sa’yo

Sino nga ba siya’t iniwan mo
Iniwan mong bigo ang tulad ko
May pagkukulang ba ako’t
Nagagawang saktan ang puso ko
Out of all the sobbing and sniffing in both lines, he managed to once again say sorry, and ended the call saying that i really don`t deserve an a****ole like him.
Well he`s still with that girl, i hope his happy, for I am happy, I will be forever his “THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY”


Day 3 : Your Mother or Father

Pwede BOTH?? My Parents… 🙂

I am a proud daughter of a Tricycle Driver/Operator and a Barangay Kagawad.

My father is a serious, simple, hardworking yet a very vain man.
He can’t leave our home without his hair fixed and not putting on perfume first.
He would stay minutes in front of the mirror just to arranged his curly Richard Gere grayish hair.
The reason behind my long straight hair is my father’s frustration on being curly.
My mother once told me that my father would always praise her hair during their dating days.
He even scolded me after dyeing my hair lighter color, and saying that its much nicer if its
long silky black.
During my college days, i really admire how my father would work hard everyday just to earn
at least 200 pesos for my baon. But now that i’m working, he would go out to earn for himself
and for whatever food he wants to cook for our family for that day.
Another thing i love about my father is he cooks soooooo deliciously…. #Gutom
He’s specialties are Kare-Kare with his special bagoong and Binagoongan.
No wonder that the only thing that i buy with small size is my bra`s cup size.. hahahaha..
My mother is super busy, medyo pushy but a loving mom.
We don’t get along every time, but surely i won’t survive this long without her.
My father often tells us that we are very much alike, maybe that’s the reason of some of our arguments. We hate being wronged by each other. hahaha…
But if i would be given a chance to choose my own parents, i would still choose them over any other rich, perfect set of parents.
For I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.

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